Apprenticeship Contest – contestant #15


Contestant #15 was also using a red handled jointer. It didn’t look quite like the red of the other Chinese jointer being used by contestant #21. After the contest I approached the young man to give him an original Hubbard Jointer so he could have the real thing. When he showed me his red handled jointer. I was surprised to see it was an original Hubbard Jointer. He had painted it red so everyone would think it was one of the Chinese copies. He said people kept stealing his Hubbard Jointer so he painted his latest replacement Hubbard Jointer red so the thieves would leave his jointer alone. A back handed compliment if there ever was one.

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Apprenticeship Contest, contestant #21


There were 21 apprentice bricklayers in the contest. They were from as far away as San Diego, Oregon, Seattle, North Idaho and Montana.

I was very proud to see all but two apprentices were using Hubbard Jointers. Two were using the knock-off Chinese copies of my tools. The imitation tools are painted red so they are easy to identify. One of the apprentices using the imitation tool left it on the brick at his work station when the contestants went on a fifteen minute break. I slipped behind the ropes to place a Hubbard Jointer next to his knock-off copy. When he returned he saw the new Hubbard Jointer. He didn’t even look around to see where it could have come from. He just unceremoniously threw the red jointer on the ground with the rubble and immediately started using the Hubbard.

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Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Competition


On May 21st, 2016 The Hubbard Jointer Co. was fortunate to help sponsor the Western States Apprentice Contest for the Pacific Northwest District Council at the Spokane facility of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen #3 in Spokane Washington. It was an exceedingly well organized and well attended contest of the apprentice’s skills. Attendance was everyone from young first year apprentices and apprentices with excellent skills obviously from near the end of their program. There were a few old war horses there too. There were some retired masons in attendance with 50 year pins and one with a 75 year pin. It was a great pleasure to see men who had worked with and knew my father Dick Hubbard. Dick had also received a 75 year pin a few years before he died. At his death he was the oldest card carrying bricklayer in the United States. One of those old war horses was an apprentice when I served my apprenticeship in the late 50’s.

It was a wonderful afternoon for recognition of the next generation of skilled craftsmen who will carry on the art of a venerated, ages old craft.

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