The Legacy of Hubbard Jointers

The Legacy of Hubbard Jointers

In 1960 – Only a Few Hubbard Jointers Existed…

In 1960 there were a few early, hand-made Hubbard Jointers being used by masons of my father’s acquaintance working in the Spokane area.  That summer Bricklayers from Texas were on strike. Some of them came up to Spokane for work and saw the Hubbard Jointer in use. They found my father and insisted he provide Jointers for them. Those bricklayers took the tools back to Texas and our phones immediately started ringing with orders for more Jointers. Individual orders grew into commercial accounts with distributors across the United States. In 1965 my father quit working as a bricklayer to dedicate his time to the Hubbard Jointer Co.

The Jointer Legacy

In 1960 I was a not a very motivated high school student. I wanted to see the world. I joined the U. S. Marine Corps. Before I left home my father asked what I wanted for my future. I told him I thought I would find something I could do as a self-employed person. The motivation for self-employment was because my father had always told me as long as I carried a lunch pail I would always be a slave to someone. He also told me he would break my arms if I followed him into the masonry trade. This from a man who carried a lunch pail all of his life. I believe my father went to work developing the Hubbard Jointer Company to help me realize my dream of self-employment when I returned from military service.

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