Made by a Bricklayer for Bricklayers

Made by a Bricklayer for Bricklayers

It Started in South Dakota in 1924…

The Hubbard Jointer was developed by a bricklayer who started in the masonry trade in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1924. My Father, Dick Hubbard, knew the trade needed a comfortable to use, long lasting tool to finish the mortar joint between brick and block as the masonry wall was being erected. The development of the tool was a trial and error effort. Several designs were built and rejected over a period of several years before the design currently in use was completed. The current design went into production in 1960.

Developing the Hubbard Masonry Tool.

Mr. Hubbard then had to develop the machinery necessary to produce the masonry tool. He was a bricklayer, not a machinist. The learning curve was long and arduous. His machines consisted of washing machine parts, an automotive differential and a foundry powered by a hair dryer forcing propane into a crucible furnace built of a stack of bricks. His “factory” was a cluttered garage. He produced his first tools one at a time and gave/sold them to his friends and fellow masons in Spokane, Washington.

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