American Made !

Our founder, Dick Hubbard, was a bricklayer, mason and masonry contractor for over fifty years.  We carry on his tradition of making quality masonry  hand tools fabricated of 100% American made materials right here in the 

Hubbard Jointer Company produces high quality masonry hand tools for the professional bricklayer and mason. Our Brick Jointers and Sled Runners allow for complete versatility on the job.  They are designed with interchangeable, replaceable, hardened tubular steel blades available in four diameters which can be exchanged to adapt to joint size requirements. Wear is distributed during use by simply revolving the tubular steel blade. Should a blade eventually wear out, it is removed and a replacement installed on the cast aluminum handle.  The hardened tubular steel blades on both the Brick Jointers and Sled Runners produce a uniform and consistently fine finish on the mortar.   

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No Tools Needed: Replace the worn blade by removing it and screwing on a replacement. Distribute wear during use by continuing to turn the blade. Each Hubbard Jointer is individually packaged pre-assembled with one 7/8" and one 3/4" blade.  The package also includes one 5/8" diameter blade and one 1/2" diameter blade.

The 14" and 16" Sled Runners

The Hubbard Sled Runners operate on the same time proven principle and are made of the same  materials as are the Jointers. The interchangeable, replaceable, hardened tubular steel blades are mounted between cast aluminum holders on a hardwood handle. The tool requires a 7/16" socket wrench for blade adjustment or replacement. The 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8" diameter blades are interchangeable on same length Sled Runners.