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Bricklayer using a Hubbard JointerBest for Brick

By robert on December 5, 2012

These joiners are the best available in my opinion. Having been a mason for 39 years and still working, I have used every joiner out there. The Hubbard is king and is best used for brick work but can also be used for block and other material in skilled hands. There are imitations of the Hubbard joiner, but none seem to last or wear as evenly for me.

Barrel joiners for bricklaying

By Navigator1790 on April 16, 2014

This is a recommended tool for bricklayers to strike your joints after laying a masonry unit (usually brick) with a concave joint to make mortar water resistant.

You cant beat hubbard. American made. American quality …

By james t on March 14, 2015

You cant beat hubbard. American made. American quality. Anything else is inferior overseas junk. Been a mason for twenty years

Five Stars

By horshu on March 10, 2015

Great purchase decision!

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