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About Hubbard Jointers

Dick Hubbard
Dick HubbardFounder

Please take a moment to let me introduce the Hubbard Jointer Company and our products to you.

My father, Dick Hubbard, started laying brick in 1924. He continued as a bricklayer and masonry contractor until 1965. In 1960 Dick began commercial production of the Hubbard Jointer. In 1965 he quit laying brick to devote all of his time to the Hubbard Jointer Company. I bought the company from my father in 1986. Dad passed away in 2008 at one hundred one years old. We honor his memory by keeping his traditions of quality workmanship and integrity in all we do.

Several years ago a company whose name we have all heard took samples of my tools to a company in China and contracted with them to copy The Hubbard Barrel Jointer. The company in China immediately sent a sales force back to this country and started  selling the cheap, poor quality, imitation tool to other distributors.

The poor quality imitation tools can be purchased for less than the original Hubbard Barrel Jointer but not much less. The masons in the United States and Europe discovered the poor quality imitation tools simply did not hold up in commercial applications.

We are very proud to say most masons we encounter continue to insist on  the original Hubbard Barrel Jointer.  The craftsmen have not forgotten “Made in America” means “Made in America by Americans” and the traditions of craftsmanship and quality  remain strong.  The Hubbard Jointer Company also remains strong.  We have withstood the rigors of  poor quality, cheap off-shore competition and will continue to produce our reliable products into the foreseeable future.  Our tools are unconditionally warranted for materials and workmanship.

Please purchase products produced by people you may know, your friends and neighbors, people who care about what they do and how what they do affects others. People who stand behind what they do and seek your satisfaction. You may pay a little more but you will receive so much more. Please buy American made products.

Ric Hubbard

Hubbard Jointers, Inc.

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